Why Hire a Professional Drone Pilot?

Federally Licensed:

  • Professional commercial drone pilots are required to be licensed by the FAA (part 107 or 333), giving you assurance that we have the basic flight and safety knowledge required to perform our duties.

State Licensed:

  • The Minnesota Department of Transportation requires commercial drone operators obtain a MNDoT Commercial Operator's License, which requires validation of the operator’s FAA license and insurance. Anyone can verify whether an operator has a valid state license via MNDoT’s website.


  • In Minnesota, MNDoT requires proof of aircraft liability insurance prior to issuing a Commercial Operator’s License. Many companies choose to add general liability and privacy insurance and can list clients as Additional Insured parties.


  • Professional drone pilots keep tabs on changing regulations including federal, state, and local park requirements, city ordinances, and special event restrictions. Memberships in organizations such as the Minnesota Drone Advocacy Council (MN DAC) ensure your operator is well informed and responsible.

We Take Safety Seriously:

  • A careless or uninformed drone operation can pose serious risks. An unsafe operation can result in personal injury or damage property and improper flight operations can risk the safety of the national airspace. For these reasons only knowledgeable, trained individuals should be trusted with your project and safety of your employees.


 A Professional Drone Pilot can be an invaluable resource to ensure that your project is done right, the first time.